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I am 133% obsessed with music

Check the bands you’ve HEARD OF. Not just the ones you like. Be honest people!
If you really have never heard of them. Don’t mark it. it just makes you look fake.

Breaking Benjamin [ x]
Paramore [x ]
Panic! At The Disco [x]
Linkin Park [x]
The Academy Is [ ]
Coldplay [x]
Three Days Grace [x ]
Yellowcard []
30 Seconds to Mars [x]
Chevelle [ ]

Rascal Flatts [x ]
Carrie Underwood [x ]
Leanne Rhymes [x ]
Garth Brooks [ ]
Dixie Chicks [x]
Kenny Chesney [x  ]
Tim McGraw [x ]
Faith Hill [x]
Shania Twain [x]
Johnny Cash [x]

Hawthorne Heights [ ]
Chiodos [ ]
Forgive Durden [ ]
Amber Pacific [ ]
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus [x]
From First to Last [ ]
Senses Fail [ ]
Underoath []
Something Corporate [ ]
Hit The Lights [ ]
Dear Whoever [ ]

The Hush Sound [ ]
NeverShoutNever! [x ]
Death Cab for Cutie [ ]
Dashboard Confessional []
The Killers [x ]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs []
Hot Hot Heat [ ]
Gym Class Heroes [x ]
Franz Ferdinand [ ]
Modest Mouse [ ]

Slipknot [x]
System of a Down [ ]
Disturbed [ ]
Metallica [x]
Guns n’ Roses [x]
Lamb of God [x]
Slayer [ ]
Hatebreed [ ]
Killswitch Engage [ ]
Children of Bodom [ ]
Arch Enemy [ ]
Behemoth [ ]

Teddy Geiger []
Ashlee Simpson [x]
Kelly Clarkson [x]
Jesse McCartney [x]
Avril Lavigne [x]
P!NK [x]
The Veronicas [X]
Daniel Powter[ ]
James Blunt [x]
Natasha Bedingfield [x]
Ryan Cabrera []

Hellogoodbye []
Cute is What We Aim for [x]
Cartel [ ]
The Click Five [ ]
Fall Out Boy [x]
Rise Against []
Good Charlotte [x]
Bowling for Soup [ ]
Relient K [ ]
Anti - Flag [ ]
Simple Plan [x]

Ying Yang Twins [x ]
T.I. [x ]
Paul Wall [x  ]
TuPac [ x]
Jamie Foxx [ x]
Ludacris [x ]
Lil’ Jon [x ]
Outkast [ x]
50 Cent [x]
Kanye West [x]
Notorious B.I.G [x ]
Young Jeezy [x ]

Reel Big Fish []
The Specials [ ]
Caddies [ ]
Rancid [x]
The Aquabats [ ]
Sublime [ ]
No Doubt [x ]
Madness [ ]
Operation Ivy []
Bob Marley [x]

Taking Back Sunday [ ]
All-American Rejects [x]
Motion City Soundtrack []
Avenged Sevenfold [ ]
Angels and Airwaves []
Evanescence [x]
My Chemical Romance [x]
Drowning Pool [x  ]
Green Day [x]
Blink-182 [x]
Madina Lake [ ]

The Beatles [x]
Led Zeppelin [x]
The Rolling Stones [x]
The Cure [x]
The Who [x]
Pink Floyd [x]
Jimi Hendrix [x]
Queen [x]
Van Halen [ x]
Poison [x]
AC/DC [x]

Multiply your TOTAL by 2,
Then Re-post this as:
i am __% obsessed with music

I am a bit surprised at myself, then again I'm not. I would like to explain why damn near every country artist is checked. I live in a society where every wedding you go to they play the country love songs. I will personally attack the DJ at my wedding if he dares play anything remotely country. Country music makes my ears bleed. Everything had to be ticked off in Rap [because I'm black and my older brother played it all the time, and its socially and culturally accepted in the Caribbean because we're Americanized and they play it on the radio lol] I can remember back in 1996 listening to the P.Diddy, Faith Evans and whoever else's song, for B.I.G I'll be missing you on cassette. Do you remember what songs were on your first cassette? I asked my friends that the other day and they looked at me like I was crazy.

I remember even though I was little [I was three going on four] the batman movie song, Seal sang that i think it was a kiss from a rose and Michael Jackson's you are not alone, a chipmunk song and TLC's waterfalls. I spent the summer 1995 in New York singing that song, my mom use to play it for my cousin because he was always in trouble, selling drugs, been to jail, the whole nine. I was either listening to that song or watching the Lion King.

Now it's been two years since I've ventured to the dark side of music aka the depressive music [that's what my friends call it]. Outside of my usual Hip Hop, R&B and Dancehall the first band I listened to was Tokio Hotel. Not that I strictly listened to the previously mentioned genres but you know what I mean. So, yeah Tokio Hotel was the first band I listened to and strangely that somehow led me to Jrock I listened to the GazettE first and fell in love listened to a song or two from An Cafe then headed in another direction with Dir en Grey. That's when metal hit me in the face, Slipknot. I was honestly scared to watch  Psychosocial's video, the masks had me. Then I discovered their older music and its awesome. Metallica, I bow to thee. I ventured a little deeper into Jrock, didn't have to go that deep to find the fathers X Japan and Malice Mizer.

For some reason it pisses me off that Sugizo is in X but he's a cool guy, I just don't like him in that band. Luna Sea better do something now and I mean now dammit. This might be biased but I only like MM songs with Gackt, except for Ma Cherie, Tetsu's English is better[Gackt's still the bestest]. I think Gackt was just meant to be apart of Malice Mizer; he was young with a huge voice and ego. He was dark and mysterious and outgoing and playful all at once, for lack of a better word Gackt was perfect.

Of course I  LOVE Gackt as a solo artist all 11 years of his work. The weird thing is I listened to Mizerable first and thought "he must be stuck with the whole Malice Mizer thing" and then BAM vanilla hit me like a ton of bricks. The guy is versatile and I guess he wanted us to know that from the get go.

 Then the first time I heard Breaking Benjamin was on hottpic radio same for Flyleaf. Flyleaf you know does Christian Rock but I ignore that Christian vibe, I like their music though..doesn't mean I'm about to go look up more bands like them though. I knew about Marilyn Manson about forever and a day now just never took the time out to listen to him. I knew he was that creepy looking guy who sang a version of sweet dreams.

Every time I try to read this for errors I end up adding something else. So I'm posting as is even though I can go on forever

Tuesday Morning Blues

It would be Monday Morning Blues but, classes start today, Tuesday. I have no idea who I'm going to be in class with honestly the suspense is killing me. I want to be in the same classes as my friends, naturally. I don't think I would be able to do well in the same class as Ricardo. I'll be distracted, I'll stare, I won't listen to a thing the lecturer says. God forbid we end up in a group together to do a project, we'll never get it done on time. When it comes to intellect we're better off being separated. 

I also don't like the idea of being stuck with all the idiots from last year. Trust me there were a lot of them. I know some of them picked up something else or outright failed and had to re-do, is if the lecturer decides to have them back. I honestly wondered how some of the other students ended up in college. I figure they got lucky.

On the other hand I'm not so lucky. Actually I hate Tuesdays now. My first class of the days starts at ten and ends at twelve, my second two to four and my third four to six. Now aint that a bitch? I feel so sorry for Candace, It's her birthday today and her classes are the same. HBD You Little Weiner !! =D. She'll kill me if she read that.

I'm the type of student that starts out strong, then the second semester I start slacking and I completely screw up in the last one but I always pull throw in the end. My dad said that's a talent, then he also went on to say that he's always wondered if I really ever learned anything, whether I read and repeat, like 'monkey see monkey do' or if I really do learn. That was a low shot Dad! Really low.

On another note Ricardo asked me why I keep on posting things in my journal when I don't have friends to read it. My response "Maybe someday I'll have friends on LJ to read it... besides a journal is private... even if this is sort of like a blog"
What was the last thing that made you cry?

Sadly, I cried for two seconds yesterday. I was watching that movie Fried Green Tomatoes, I don't even remember what made me cry. It definitely wasn't when buddy died or when buddy his lost his arm. I know the first time I watched it I cried when Ruth died and I felt bad when Ninny found out her house was condemned  and maybe I did when Ninny  was telling Evelyn about her when her son was born "The doctors said it would be best if I didn't see him. His brain wouldn't develop past the age of five. It would be best leaving him in an institution because of the burden of raising a child like that" and then she goes on to say something else, and then "He was  with me until he was thirty-one, oh I miss him. Sometimes I can't wait to get to heaven to see him again... You know Ruth always said there was a separate god for children . " Her sons name was Albert.

When the movie was over I didn't change the channel and Surrogates came on next, you know that Bruce Willis movie where everyone has their personal robot-self that they control from home. So yeah, Bruce Willis' character is a cop and he was investigating the case of some rich kid who died. And Bruce met with the kid's dad and the guy felt like he was being attacked with some of the questions he was being asked and to sort of settle him him Bruce told him he knew what it was like to lose a son. The second conversation between the detective and the father of the victim; the father goes"Every parents nightmare is to outlive their child". Now that I think about it Both Ninny from Fried Green Tomatoes and that guy were REALLY OLD and their kids died REALLY YOUNG and adding insult to injury the guy who lost his son was already ill and wheelchair bound with nurses and all and Ninny is was a withering rose in some retirement home . SAD

Writer's Block: Let me at em'

What is the bravest thing you've ever done? Would you do it again?

I overcame[not really] my fear of heights, I climbed the stairs that had no railing, nothing at all to hold on to; up to my friends roof. I crawled my way to the top. Hey at least I made it. I would admit I am still afraid of heights but I would try it again.

Then there was that time I intervened in a fight. Oddly enough, it was the day before my sixteenth birthday; also the day before Independence Day. At school the eve of Independence Day is a half day, and it is spent in the hall listening to speeches and watching presentations on my country. After sitting in the auditorium for three hours all classes went to their respective homeroom. The eleventh grade is on the second floor and there is a balcony that all classes open to. In homeroom we had what you could call a small party where we sat around and had everything from baked chicken to Doritos to gummy bears with our phone blasting music. At one point we were out on the balcony just hanging out you know. Then out of no where my friend Mia is fighting with this guy Larry. At first she was winning, but the tables turned and she was on the receiving end. I usually sit back and wait for someone else to break up fights, but that was my friend.  I  grabbed him and tried to pull him off her, he wouldn't budge. I took off my backpack, more like ripped it off, then I was able to get him off of her. My heart was beating so fast.

Writer's Block: Good Morning Heartache

What is something you worry about everyday? How long has it been plaguing you? Do you think you'll ever overcome it?

I  worry about my mom. She passed on the 8th of October 2008. I am constantly worrying about forgetting her. Sometimes it feels like she never existed, like she was a dream and sometimes I swear she's still here. One time I was at the beach with my brother and his girlfriend and while I'm in the water  a thought runs through my head "Mom's home alone" and I kind of panicked then reality hit me like a brick wall, she's gone. Then I worry about only being able to remember the 'bad' times when she was in the hospital and the worse part is I was in the room when  she passed. I can remember the look on her face and what she was wearing . It kills me because I didn't go to see her for two days and when I finally go and that happened. I even thought she was dead when we [my dad and I] walked in the room. I think I'll worry about it for the rest of my life

First Post

I think its funny that, I've commented on some of the stories that I've read, and its been a few months since I actually joined LJ and this is my first journal entry. I'm such a virgin lololol. So yeah, its totally 1:42 a.m, I'm awake because I've got a sugar rush and I just read the awesomest story ever. If by some chance you read my profile, you'd notice that I basically only joined LJ to read fanfic, basically that's all I've been doing, literally I sometimes stalk these different communities waiting for an update, a new chapter a new something. I do that because I have the time and right now time is all I have, its summer, I've got no school, no job, nothing to do. I live with my brother and father, and my father is traveling a lot lately thanks to his wonderful job, he left us money for food, and my brother is in charge of paying the bills. Let me tell you, my phone is cut off, thank god my cell phone is prepaid so I still have that, I aint got no cable, I aint got no gas to cook with,  I dont even got no internet. How am I posting this then? My generous neighbour, who is blissfully unaware that I am connecting to their network everyday and using their internet, but its all good, her son use to be sitting at my back wall stealing our internet before they got theirs so I call it equal trade. So yeah, that means I am confined to two rooms, my brother's room and the dining room aint that a b%tch add that to having to share my laptop with my brother. Its fun to be me. I am missing the fricking world cup. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!




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